Excuse You! The Benefits of Living Courteously

Did you ever hold the door for someone who walked right through without thanking you? You want to say very loudly, “Excuse You!” That kind of scenario captures the essence of this book. During random conversations about rudeness, I began to think, “How can we, who believe rudeness is rampant, initiate change?” In reality, only the individual can change or improve themselves. We must become a glaring example of courtesy as rude individuals are glaring examples to us.

Can we really make our own lives better by being nice to someone else? “Excuse You!” says, without question, yes! It begins with a brief description of how courtesy originated. The focus then shifts to identify obstacles to being more courteous, solutions to overcome obstacles, and a plan for change. That thing we complain about (rudeness) is within our power to reverse. I invite you to discover a different perspective of courtesy.”

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