How to Be Consistent in Daily Prayer

Almost every evening for the last 20 years, I create my “to-do list” for the next day. Even though I’ve been retired from my career as an underwriter for the last three years, I still want to plan my day and remember my daily priorities.  Although I’ve made a list

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Thank You Cards: A Wedding Reflection

The wedding is over, it was a beautiful day an everyone had a wonderful time. Most of all, people’s generosity was unbelievable and the gifts were beyond your expectations. So what is next on your agenda? One of the most important tasks of your wedding is sending out thank you

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Graduation: A Time To Celebrate

It’s hard to believe that graduation is upon us. It is a wonderful time of year to celebrate the accomplishments of those who have worked tirelessly to fulfill a dream. Whether they are moving on from middle school, high school or college, graduates and their families look forward to commencement

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Code Of Ethics In A Civil Society

Is a code of ethics important in the places where you do business? Before we can determine if it is important, we should first clarify what it is. defines it as, “a document that may outline the mission and values of the business or organization, how professionals are supposed

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Looking for Chivalry

When was the last time you saw a gentleman hold a door for a lady? How about a gentleman pulling out a chair for a lady to sit down? I was watching the movie The Intern the other night and at one point, the gentleman reached in his pocket, pulled

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